• Location: Pokolbin, New South Wales, Australia
  • Date: 31 March – 2 April 2014
  • Theme: "Grape Expectations"

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Janssen, V. (2014) - Azimuth, 53(4), 22-26.

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Proceedings of the 19th Association of Public Authority Surveyors Conference (APAS2014)
Edited by Dr Volker Janssen


Title Page

Front Matter and Table of Contents


Office Bearers for 2013/2014

Editorial  2

Current Status of EDM Calibration Procedures in NSW

Volker Janssen and Tony Watson


A Proposed Method for Testing Reflectorless EDM

Gavin Evans


Progress Towards a New Geodetic Datum for Australia

Joel Haasdyk, Laurence Davies and Tony Watson


Looking at Cadastral GNSS from a New Angle

Wayne Fenwick


Surviving in the Pilbara

Charlie Higgs


Subsidence Standardised Information Management System (SSIMS)

Robert Pâquet, John Perceval, Gang Li, Phil Steuart, Ray Ramage and Richard Bale


Implementing the Australian Standard for Subsurface Utility Information – AS5488

Chris Arnison


Estimating and Predicting Carbon Sequestration in a Vineyard using Precision Viticulture Techniques

John Goward and Mark Whitty


Development of a Template for the Preparation of a Survey Brief

Mark Butler and Alex Martinov


Game of Stones... The Big Stone Alignment Posts of Ryde

Fred de Belin


Maintaining the Integrity of the Cadastre in the Port Macquarie-Hastings Local Government Area

Ruth Ward


Railway Track Reconstruction

Ian Jones


Surveying the Barham Bridge Using 3D Laser Scanning

Leigh Finlay


For Good Measure: The Story of the Adoption of Linear Standards of Measurement for Surveying Purposes in NSW

Ian H. Marshall


Getting Noticed for All the Wrong Reasons: BOSSI Investigations of Complaints Against Surveyors

Mark T. Gordon


Contemporary Surveying Education and the Surveying Profession

John Fryer and Harvey Mitchell


The Role of ePlanning in the NSW Planning Reforms: Implications, Benefits and Opportunities for the Surveying Community

John Hudson


ISNSW Cadastral Workshops: 2006 to 2014 and Beyond

John R. Minehan


Port Botany Expansion Precision Monitoring Survey: Overcoming a Dynamic Environment

Stephen Saunders and Lachlan Anderson


Quality of Quantity: L1 Norm Residuals in Geodetic Networks

Laurence Davies


When is a Rock not a Rock?

Geoffrey Lenton


Discussion Forum: Impact of the New SP1 Version 2.0 on Surveyors in Practice

Joel Haasdyk, Paul Harcombe, Fred de Belin, Ray Gilmour, Richard Lemon and Harvey Mitchell

 List of Attendees  230